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Are Edibles Safer than Smoking Cannabis?


In recent years, we’re slowly seeing that marijuana might not be so bad after all. And that, in fact, it is one of the most therapeutic herbs today, with a growing body of research backing this claim up. Between smoking and eating, the latter has proved to be the safer option for using cannabis. Smoking is one of the fastest ways to deliver cannabinoids into your system, but it’s not the most ideal as it accompanies coughing, sore throat and the stench of smoke. Here are a few reasons why marijuana edibles is a better option.

Marijuana Edibles Give a Different High

When you smoke cannabis, the body converts non-psychoactive THC into delta-9 THC, which gives you the high that it’s known for. Delta-9 THC induces a narcotic effect, making you lethargic, heavy-lidded, giggly and binge eat. Eating marijuana, on the other hand, gives a different high because the body produces a whole different variant of THC called delta-11. It has a different effect on the mind and body (one which is milder and more favorable).

Marijuana Edibles Create a Longer High

Eating cannabis creates a milder but longer high. When you smoke marijuana, the THC is quickly distributed to the whole body via the lungs so the high can be felt in just two minutes. This high lasts up to three hours before burning off. If you eat or drink marijuana, the high takes effect after at least an hour. Although response times take longer, it can remain active in the body for up to seven hours, giving a longer-lasting, more laid-back high.

Marijuana Edibles Prevent Post-High Crash

For some people, the post-high crash can be too intense that this can discourage them from smoking marijuana ever again. This crash makes you feel burnt out, tired and grumpy. Eating cannabis acts on a different pathway in the body and is slower-paced, so you’re less likely to experience this crash. This means that you can consume edible cannabis anytime of the day without your daily activities being affected by it.

Marijuana Edibles Create a Full-Body Effect

Smoked cannabis is distributed into the body through the lungs. Although it’s a faster way to get high, it doesn’t spread throughout the body. Studies have shown that eating or drinking marijuana instead of smoking it helps distribute the soothing and pain-alleviating effects of THC more evenly across the brain and body. Smoked marijuana stays mainly in the brain, while consumed cannabis has a more holistic effect.

Marijuana Edibles Prevent Mouth and Throat Damage

You might not know but smoking cannabis can have the same issues associated with heavy tobacco use. Smoking marijuana reduces saliva production, which can lead to a condition called dry mouth. This results in bad breath, tooth decay and mouth sores. Although cannabis has been shown to fight many kinds of cancer, there are also studies suggest that a higher rate of lung injury and cancer can be caused by smoking marijuana.

If you still prefer to smoke cannabis, don’t discount the benefits of marijuana edibles. Making baked goods and other snacks with cannabis is a great way to use the other parts of the plant that you can’t use for smoking. instead of throwing out substandard cannabis bits, try gathering them up and adding them into your favorite brownie or cookie recipes.

About Ed ‘n Bill’s:

Ed ‘n Bill’s Candy Co. offers a wide range of edible marijuana products for every kind of medical condition. Their products are made from pesticide-free cannabis and are rigorously tested for quality control in-house. Trained medical marijuana staff will give safe medical options for specific symptoms and diagnosis.


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