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Weed and Workouts: How Edibles Enhance Exercise


It might seem a bit weird to associate “cannabis” with “exercise,” but these two words can actually co-exist. If you’re looking to get healthy and toned, you should consider doing these two together. Studies have shown that marijuana is one of the best things that you can incorporate into your workout routine. Besides relieving pain and managing stress, this wonder plant can also increase metabolism and improve focus. Here are six reasons why exercising is better with cannabis edibles.

  1. Edibles increase metabolism. By using marijuana before a workout, you can get a fat-burning boost before you hit the elliptical. The cannabis compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and THC raise metabolism, lower cholesterol and speed up fat loss. Research has shown that pot smokers have higher levels of fasting insulin in their bodies and lower insulin resistance levels. (Controlled insulin levels are vital to weight loss and energy.)
  2. Edibles rev up your workouts. It might seem strange but cannabis pumps you up for a workout. After you eat an edible, you’ll feel heightened and ready to hit the gym. THC hits on certain receptors in the brain and reduce anxiety, making you feel more aggressive. While weed could chill you out and get you to stay on the couch, it actually can also reduce anxiety and get you in your routine.
  3. Edibles make you better at sports. Playing games while drunk can impair judgment and compromise performance, but eating cannabis actually improves your skills. Athletes have shared how marijuana allows them to get into a controlled, meditative state, allowing them focus on form and train smarter. This is because after you’ve relaxed from smoking, you become more aware of the tasks at hand.
  4. Edibles help your muscles recover. One of the worst things about a hardcore workout is the soreness that accompanies it the next day. And while having a good spotter and eating lots of protein can help, one very simple alternative is to get a little high with edibles. Cannabis can help muscles recover more quickly than not doing anything about it. So do squats while you’re high, and you probably wouldn’t get as sore.
  5. Edibles have a similar effect as exercising. Cannabis has a similar effect on the body as exercising. It has been discovered that it activates the same areas of the body as it does with exercise. THC binds to the endocannabinoid system, which helps in maintaining overall health, easing pain, controlling appetite, influencing mood, relieving stress and regulating
  6. Edibles keep you in the zone. Another magical thing that cannabis can do is improve your overall fitness strategy, allowing you to stay focused as you do your routines. In fact, many runners use weed before they participate in marathons as it reduces monotony and helps them get in a steady, rhythmic zone that lets them stay at a competitive running speed.

We still have a long way to go when it comes to unlocking all the health benefits that marijuana has to offer. And it’s good that the ball has started to roll. In a few years’ time, perhaps we can discover more as we see more and more states and countries finally legalizing the use of this amazing plant.

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